Implementing the Cure Violence Health Model

The Cure Violence Health Model has been successfully replicated around the world. If you are in a community with serious violence, the Cure Violence Health Model will help to significantly reduce violence.

Who Should Implement the Cure Violence Health Model?

Any community that has a problem with violence should consider implementing the Cure Violence Health Model.  In order to start implementing the Cure Violence health model, someone from the community needs to step up and champion the cause.  This can be anyone from the community – a health department, an elected official, a pastor, a community organization or even a concerned citizen.

Whomever initiates the process, our team can help guide you through this process.  You can start by participating in one of our monthly webinars for new communities.

Path to implementing Cure Violence health approach:

  1. Assess violence problem and community
  2. Engage communities leaders
  3. Identify appropriate community partners
  4. Identify appropriate hospital response partners
  5. Re-examine the data
  6. Hire and train credible workers
  7. Implement program with technical assistance

The Cure Violence Health Model has been implemented in cities everywhere.  In big cities such as New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, San Antonio and New Orleans.  In smaller cities like Kansas City, Syracuse and Albany.   And all over the world – from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Cape Town, South Africa.

In order for the model to be effective, the program must be implemented correctly. The Cure Violence organization can help to ensure fidelity to the model through our technical assistance and training program.

Implementing the Cure Violence model:

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