Treating Violence as Infectious Disease

The epidemic of violence is preventable. Health methods can stop violence before it happens

The Cure Violence Health Model uses epidemic control method to reduce violence. We train carefully selected members of the community — trusted insiders — to anticipate where violence may occur and intervene before it erupts. And we engage the entire community to change behavior and norms.

Just as we have now discovered that it is more effective and cost saving to treat drug addiction as a health issue than to punish it, it likewise makes more sense to prevent events, provide treatment for people at high risk, and change social norms. Like all potentially harmful behaviors – drug addiction, smoking, eating too much, exercising too little, risky sexual behavior and other behaviors – violent behavior can be understood, diagnosed, and treated through a health lens.

Essential Elements

The Cure Violence Health Model adapts methods used to stop the transmission of some of the most deadly diseases, including AIDS, cholera, and tuberculosis. These disease control methods work by 1) interrupting transmission of the disease, 2) reducing the risk of the highest risk, and 3) changing community norms.

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The Cure Violence Health Model has been successfully replicated dozens of times around the world – in places like New York City, Chicago, and New Orleans as well as San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Cape Town, South Africa; and Juarez, Mexico. And even in some smaller cities – like Yonkers, NY. If you are in a community with serious violence, you should consider the Cure Violence Health Model.

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We can explain the model and show you the evidence that it works, but sometimes its best to hear from the people who have actually worked with the Cure Violence Health model and have witnessed it work.

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