Evaluation of Save Our Streets - New York City

“The findings are in line with the 2008 evaluation of the original Chicago Cure Violence project as well as a recent evaluation of a Cure Violence replication in Baltimore Maryland.”
– Sarah Picard-Fritsche and Lenore Cerniglia, lead researchers

A Bureau of Justice Assistance funded evaluation conducted by the Center for Court Innovation showed statistically significant reductions in shootings with a shooting rate 20% lower than would have been predicted if trends mirrored control areas.

Implementation Highlights

  • 86% of clients were high or medium risk
  • More than 100 mediations involving more than 1,000 people

Outcome Highlights

  • Average monthly shooting rates in Crown Heights decreased by 6% from the pre to the post periods, while increasing in the three comparison areas between 18% and 28% (statistically significant compared to control)
  • This analysis suggests that gun violence in Crown Heights was 20% lower than what it would have been had gun violence trends mirrored those of similar, adjacent precincts.



Download the Crown Heights Evaluation

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