Evaluation of Safe Streets Baltimore

“I just shook my head in disbelief at what the workers could do. The program staff were able to sit down and get people to work out their differences. Following that set of mediations that community did not have a homicide for nearly two years.”
-Daniel Webster, lead researcher

A Center for Disease Control funded evaluation conducted by Johns Hopkins University showed statistically significant results across all four communities, reductions in shootings and killings of 34% to 56%, and evidence of norm change.

Implementation Highlights

  • Implemented in 4 of the most violent communities in Baltimore
  • 276 conflict mediations
  • Most participants saw their outreach worker 3 or more times per week

Outcome Highlights

  • Significant reductions in shootings or homicides in all four communities – between 34% and 56%
  • Communities with triple the amount of mediations had better results
  • Norms on violence were changed – People in program site were much less likely to accept the use of a gun to settle a dispute; 4 times more likely to show little or no support for gun use.
  • Norm change occurred even with non-clients.
  • Reductions spread to surrounding communities


Download the Baltimore Evaluation

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