Cure Violence Results from Around the World

The Cure Violence program is currently being implemented in more than 50 sites around the world, and the movement is quickly growing. Below are some highlights of the latest results from our partners.

Highlights from the United States

  • Chicago – City funded sites had a 75% reduction in shootings
  • Yonkers – 27 months without a shooting or killing
  • Brooklyn Man UP – A year without a shooting or killing
  • New Orleans – More than 200 days without a homicide
  • Philadelphia – Reduction in rate of shootings for intervention area significantly larger in the post-intervention period than reductions in shooting rates of comparison districts.
  • New York City/BedStuy – Noticeable norm change after just one year in significant reduction in acceptability of violence.
  • New York City/Morrisania – Site went more than 1 year with no homicides (all of 2015); no homicides yet as of May, 2016.
  • Baltimore – 3 sites reached more than 365 consecutive days without a firearm homicide.  Johns Hopkins University researchers found program had a larger effect in reducing non-fatal shootings — a 25% reduction — than compared with law enforcement activities.
  • United States – More than 23 cities with reductions in shootings and killings as high as 73%

Highlights from Latin America

  • Puerto Rico – Homicides in Loiza, P.R. (program site community) down 50% in first year and maintained for two additional years.
  • Honduras – Interruption work begin in April 2013; three sites had reductions in shootings and killings ranging between 73-86%.  Program expansion now underway.  In 2016, Cure Violence published a Report on the Cure Violence Model Adaptation in San Pedro Sul that provides extensive information related to the drop in violence in the world’s most violent city and the positive impact a public heath-based violence prevention strategy is having in overall decreases in violence.
  • Mexico – Ciudad Juarez has seen dramatic reduction in homicide rate — 24.3% in first year, additional 13.1% in second year of program implementation.

Highlights from the Middle East/North America

  • Syria – 70% of trainees reported mediating a conflict within the first three months after training in 2013
  • Iraq – From 2008-2013, almost 1000 interruptions and over 14,000 people reached through outreach

Highlights from Other Regions

  • South Africa – Cape Town shootings down 79%, killings down 67% in 2013; additional 14% reduction in murders, 29% reduction in attempted murder and 10% reduction in serious assaults.  Program site violence was significantly reduced as compared to areas where program was not operating.
  • South Africa – Cape Town site had 49 days without a shooting
  • Kenya – Partnered with PeaceTXT to reduce election violence through violence prevention text messages
  • United Kingdom – 51% reduction in violent incidents and 95% reduction in group attacks at the Cookham Wood YOI (Youth Detention Center) in 2013

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