Proven Results in Reducing Violence

Multiple evaluations have shown the impact of the Cure Violence model in reducing shootings, violent confrontations, and killings in multiple cities across the United States, with reductions up to 70%.

Scientific Evaluations

In today’s data driven world, communities demand evidence-based program that have been proven successful through rigorous, independent, scientific evaluations.  And while there are many programs that have a successful evaluation in their original site, very few have successfully replicated in new communities. The Cure Violence Health Model has been proven successful by multiple independent evaluations in multiple cities that have each shown large statistically significant reductions in violence due to the program.  And many more evaluations are currently underway, several due out this year.

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Impact in Multiple World Regions

The Cure Violence program is currently being implemented in sites around the world.  Here are some of the most recent successes in our sites.

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Success Stories

While Cure Violence communities have had impressive reductions in violence, the statistics fail to capture the profound effects that the program has had. To more fully capture the effects of the program, we have captured some of these stories – of conflicts prevented, lives saved, people reformed, communities transformed, and cities revitalized. These stories are the reason we do what we do. Each one represents a step towards a world without violence.

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