Resources to Help You to Join the Movement

One of the main roles of Cure Violence is to bring others into this effort of understanding and treating violence as a health issue. To accomplish this, we have assembled these pages of resources to help people understand violence as a health issue, learn about the roles that they can play to diagnosis and treat violence, and to learn specifically about the Cure Violence model and how it can be implemented.

Violence Health Index

To overcome violence, we must first understand violence. This index of publications and materials is designed to help you understand violence from a health perspective – from the health effects to the health characteristics to the health solutions for violence.

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Health/Violence Toolkits

Because of their training, experience, and place in the community, the health sector has the ability to intervene to stop violence in a way that no other sector can.  The health sector is needed to interrupt violence, prevent violence, and treat exposure to violence. Here we present some resources to help those in the health sector to play the roles that are needed.

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Cure Violence Resources

This website offers an overview of The Cure Violence approach. If you are interested in learning more about the Cure Violence model – the theory behind the model, how it is implemented, and the results of the program – we have assembled the follow list of resources.

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The Interrupters

“The Interrupters” is a critically acclaimed 2011 documentary telling the moving story of three Cure Violence workers who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. It examines a year in which Chicago drew national headlines for violence and murder that plagued the city.

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