Why an entire college class donated to Cure Violence…..

Students at the University of Mount Union in Ohio taking Professor Steve Kramer’s “Social Responsibility” course got together and donated money to Cure Violence in Steve’s name to honor the 25th year anniversary of the course.  Why? “Because Steve is such a kind-hearted, generous, selfless individual — he has made us all better people,” said Rachel Gardner, a student in the course who spoke on behalf of her peers.  “What better gift to give him than to pass on this kindness to others.” 

The class actually learned about Cure Violence while reading “A Path Appears,” assigned reading by Professor Kramer.  “Cure Violence had such an amazing, innovative approach to working to end violence at the grassroots level,” wrote Rachel.  “Cure Violence has changed the way the world views violence, and in doing so, you have provided hope to so many people and communities.  You have changed people’s lives.” It’s because of this, the class decided to donate collectively as one group in the name of Professor Kramer. 

This year’s Social Responsibility class is featured in the photo above during their Spring Break trip to Nicaragua.  Professor Kramer is in the back row, 5th from the left.  According to Rachel, Steve created the Social Responsibility course 25 years ago and has been impacting students’ lives ever since.  The course is about how students can be better people, how they can live life with intention, and how they can dedicate themselves to bettering communities and the world.  Over Spring Break, the class travels to a different country (earlier this year it was Nicaragua) in order to broaden horizons and worldviews – to better understand not only the struggles of the world but also the goodness and the hope that exists in it.  “For 25 years, Steve has taught students the importance of being kind, generous, socially responsible individuals.  And that is why our class (along with the help of individuals from past years) decided to pass on to others the kindness Steve has shown us,” Rachel stated.

We at Cure Violence say, “lesson well-learned!”  And thank you to Professor Kramer and the many other educators in the US and across the globe teaching these same lessons to students — our future is in good hands if the students in Steve Kramer’s ‘Social Responsibility’ course are examples of college students today.