Scott Lassar

Scott Lassar is a partner in the Sidley Austin, LLP Chicago office. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Lassar was the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. As the district’s top federal law enforcement official, Mr. Lassar managed 130 assistant U.S. attorneys, who handled civil litigation and criminal investigations and prosecutions involving white collar fraud, public corruption, narcotics trafficking and violent crime. Mr. Lassar has been a Cure Violence / Cure Violence Board Member since 2000.

“I was on the board because I was a U.S. Attorney. It’s been ten years since I was a U.S. Attorney, and I voluntarily stayed on the board because I think the model does work.

“The goal of Cure Violence is to reduce violence and save lives, and they do that with their techniques. One technique is the use of interrupters, who talk to the gang members when there is a situation that may result in a shooting, and another is to try and change the culture of violence in the street; to have people in the community turn out against violence. This combination has been shown to work.”