Jerry Chlada, Jr.

Superintendent Jerry Chlada, Jr. has served with the Cicero Police Department since 1995. Superintendent Chlada oversees the Gang Crimes Tactical Unit which consists of 29 officers who main function is gang suppression. His accomplishments include Officer of the Year 1999, Cicero Lions Club award for Invaluable service 1999, Cease Fire [Cure Violence] Leadership recognition for anti-gang efforts 2008, Youth Cross Roads- Protector of youth award 2008, Department Commendation for Dedication and Service 2009, and The Effective Police Relationship Award from Cure Violence in November of 2011.

Superintendent Chlada has been involved with the operation of Cure Violence Cicero, a Cure Violence replication site, since 2005.

“Cicero has seen a dramatic drop in violent crime numbers in the past five years. From May 2000-2005 there were 223 gang shootings and approximately 34 gang-related homicides.  From May of 2005 – 2010 the numbers were decreased to 120 gang related shootings and 17 gang related homicides. The Cure Violence Cicero program has been a big help. When there are problems in the community between the different gangs, we sit down with Cure Violence Cicero workers and get them on board. Their interrupters and outreach workers get in the middle the conflict and calm the storms before they erupt into bigger problems. They are a great asset.

“Both groups, Cure Violence Cicero and the gang unit, were feeling each other out at the beginning. We wondered how far the relationship would go, but we’ve come to realize that both parties have a lot of respect for the work that each does.

“Cure Violence Cicero workers are able to get deep into problems; people are willing to talk to them that aren’t willing to talk to the police department. Cure Violence Cicero handles these problems, they get this information and they calm the storms by themselves without bringing it back to the police. We tell them where there’s a problem, they go in and take care of the problem, and the only report we get back is ‘problem’s been settled.’ If you look at the numbers, you could definitely say that the community is a safer place, and Cure Violence Cicero’s a big part of that.”