A Second Chance for Hector

Anthony Del Toro success story as told to Amanda Nyren (Groupon staff writer)

When Hector got out of jail, he went straight to California Youth Outreach. “I want to help,” he said. Previously, Hector had been known in the community for violence. But after landing in jail at age 20 for drug charges, he reached a turning point. He realized that if he didn’t change his ways, he’d likely spend most of his life in prison.

[Image Credit: Ivan Valin]

At CYO, Hector found an opportunity to volunteer his time helping kids who faced the same adversity he had faced. He also found a personal advocate in Anthony Del Toro, program supervisor of street outreach, who helped Hector get an internship and a second chance. Anthony spoke with the district attorney and judge in Hector’s case and helped get his felony charges dropped to a misdemeanor, giving Hector a real chance at landing a full-time job.


Now Hector is a supervisor at the company where he was once an intern. He’s made a point to hire two other youths who were clients of CYO. He also continues to volunteer at CYO, sharing his story. “It’s great to see that pay-it-forward cycle,” Anthony says. “Now Hector sees a life. He doesn’t see himself ever going back to prison.”

– Amanda Nyren