Part of the Cure: Lil Durk Update

South Side Chicago rapper ‘Lil Durk’ released his new album, Remember My Name earlier this month. Lil Durk first was exposed to Cure Violence through court-ordered community service in Fall 2014 to use his celebrity status for anti-violence causes.  Although Durk’s community service concluded, the anti-violence messages he learned at Cure Violence seem to be sticking.  His music on his new album has mellowed and is focused on showing pride in his home town, instead of promoting violence. “I just want it to be real. Coming up from where we came from, the South Side of Chicago, the struggle that we lived…so I just wanna talk about it and paint that picture of Chicago that people never really get to see”. Lil Durk is trying to influence his listeners to start doing positive things for their communities; “the violence isn’t gonna stop, but we can definitely slow it down with the right voices”.

Lil Durk continues to advocate for non-violence and work with his mentor and friend, Cobe Williams, a lead national trainer for Cure Violence.