Friday News Roundup: Hackers Tackle Violence, Heading Off Violence in Philadelphia, and Why the Public Health Sector Has a Stake in Violence Prevention

Can Ex-Offenders Stop The Spread of Gun Violence? (WYPR – NPR): Cure Violence partner, Safe Streets Baltimore, uses behavior change and peer-to-peer outreach to stop conflict before it becomes deadly– and they’ve been successful.

It's time for our Friday News Roundup. (Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

It’s time for our Friday News Roundup. (Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

Dr. Slutkin Asks TEDMED: What If We Treat Violence Like an Epidemic Disease? (Reposted from TEDMED): Cure Violence founder, Gary Slutkin asks “What if we, as public health professionals, approached violence as a public health problem in a serious way? What if we, as public health professionals, approached violence as a problem that we cantreat with health interventions and prevent using science based solutions?”

Hackers Tackle Gun Violence (Highground Hackers): The winner of a hackathon to create software solutions around crime and safety–and which benefited Cure Violence–was Kryptonite, which created a location tracking app to alert people of crimes happening near them and allow the police to request eye witness reports from people that were near a crime that happened.

Letters Extra: Helping to Head Off Homicides (Philadelphia Inquirer): Editorial board names Cure Violence partner, Philadelphia CeaseFire, as one program currently being used to supplement law enforcement that effectively helps curb violent crime in the city.

We Are All Trayvon Martin (Cure Violence Blog): The Cure Violence partnership stands in support with the Department of Justice, as it continues to evaluate the Trayvon Martin trial and investigation of evidence in response to the federal civil rights charges.

7th Annual CeaseFire Week Kicks Off in Cicero, Illinois (Cure Violence Blog): Monday, June 24th marked the beginning of Cicero’s 7th annual CeaseFire week, five days of free community programming for local youth and their families from June 24 to June 28.

After Committing Murder as a Teen, a Chicago Man Dedicates His Life’s Work to His Victim (WBEZ): Eddie Bocanegra of The Interrupters, shares his difficult past with Storycorps–and motivation for trying to stop the violence he once committed himself.

Public Health Preventing Youth Violence (ProMed Network): In a video podcast from the NACCHO 2013 annual conference, public health officials discuss why public health has a stake in violence prevention.

NYC Assessment 2013 (Public.Safety.Evidence, a partnership of John Jay College of Criminal Justice & Temple University): Implementation of the Cure Violence model was recommended to five New York City neighborhoods as part of a pilot crisis management system for the city’s Task Force to Combat Gun Violence.

Trenton Fathers, Men Try to Change Culture of Violence One Youth at a Time (New Jersey Star Ledger): Working similarly to Cure Violence, Fathers and Men United for a Better Trenton tries to prevent violence before it can begin through the power of persuasion and the respect they engender as established members of the community.