Cure Violence In the Media


One Way to Cure America’s Murder Epidemic (8/24/16) — “Gun violence is singularly an American problem. But there’s a proven solution, says criminology expert Robert Muggah, that needs support.”  Read the article


Opinion: Get behind CeaseFire to reduce Chicago violence (8/5/16) — “City officials and the Chicago Police Department seem willing to try anything to stop the violence sweeping the city except something that actually works.”  Read the Op-ed


Is gun violence in the US infectious? (7/31/16) — “Chico Tillmon remembers the first time he saw a dead man. ‘I was eight years old, and my mum had sent me to the mailbox. As I approached, I saw a guy being robbed for his Boombox. And the guy was killed right in front of me. I saw a man lying next to the mailbox dead.'”  Watch the video/read the article


Can Violent Extremism Be Cured Like A Contagious Disease? (7/29/16) — “A program started in Chicago has had major success treating gun violence like a public health epidemic. Now, the approach could be applied far more broadly.”  Read the article


The Shooting Contagion:Looking at Violence as a Health Issue (6/20/16) — “While most people think of violence in terms of ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ for the past 16 years, Cure Violence has been trying to reshape people’s perceptions. The Chicago-based organization believes that the violence epidemic can be reverses by treating it as a public health threat.”  Read the article