Latin America and the Caribbean

Cure Violence is currently implementing an adapted version of the model in Loiza, Puerto Rico and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. An additional program site in Juarez, Mexico began operating in December 2014. Cure Violence is in the planning stages of implementation in Barranquilla, Colombia; Recife, Brazil; and Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.


Model has been implemented since 2013 in three target areas of San Pedro Sula.  Sites have seen reductions in shootings and killings ranging between 73-86%.  Program expanding to four additional areas with similar results.  In 2016, Cure Violence published a Report on the Cure Violence Model Adaptation in San Pedro Sula” (English) that showed the significant decrease in violence in the most violent city in the world as a result of the implementation of a public health approach to violence prevention.


Local partner in Juarez, Mexico began site/program operations in December 2014. Dramatic reduction in homicide rate; 24.3% in first year and additional 13.1% decrease in second year.  In early 2016, an additional site opened in Chihuahua City focused on reducing prison violence.


Puerto Rico

Local partner Acuerdo de Paz began implementation in March 2012 in three target areas in the city of Loiza. An evaluation found the site had a 50% reduction in homicides in the first year that has been maintained..


Working with local government in Barranquilla, local partner organizations have been identified in each of the three pilot sites.  Implementation planning is underway.  Additionally, we have conducted an assessment mission in Medellin; a decision on whether to do a pilot program there is forthcoming.  Additional program work is underway in Cali.

Trinidad and Tobago

The government of Trinidad and Tobago have approved implementation of the Cure Violence Health Model and the Inter-American Development Bank approved funding for a program site in Port of Spain.  The site opened and is serving clients as of early 2015.


Initial assessments have been conducted in Recife and Rio de Janeiro.  Next assessments are in the planning stages.

El Salvador

Two program sites will open in 2016 in El Salvador through partnerships with Save the Children (San Pedro Mazawal) and Creative Associates (San Pedro Mazawal).


Cure Violence has provided training to network program sites opening in St. Catherine North and St. James.  These sites became part of the Latin American Cure Violence network in 2016.


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