“The approach that will come to prominence” - Economist

The Cure Violence approach is being adopted in cities around the world utilizing partnerships with local, national, and international organizations.

The Cure Violence Health model is being replicated in more than 50 communities around the world.  At the local level, all Cure Violence programs are implemented by local organizations that have been carefully trained by Cure Violence. This local implementation is an essential part of the model and ensures that the program has the sort of local connections that are needed to reach the highest risk.

Cure Violence is also interested in changing the way in which the world looks at violence – to a health problem that can be overcome using the latest understandings in science.  To do this we are forging relationships with strategic partners who are also working to overcome violence.

International Partners

Cities around the world have turned to the Cure Violence Health Model to prevent violence – from sectarian violence in Iraq, to community violence in Honduras, to prison violence in England.

Learn more about Cure Violence’s international partners.

US Partners

More than 20 cities across the United States have recognized the added value of the Cure Violence Model and are implementing the program to augment the efforts of law enforcement, social service, and other agencies.

Learn more about Cure Violence’s US partners.

Strategic Partners

A world without violence is the mission of Cure Violence. To be serious about such an ambitious goal, you must work in collaboration with other people who have the same passion and vision for a world without violence. We have been fortunate to find many such partners, all of whom are making vital contributions to this noble cause.

Learn more about Cure Violence’s strategic partners.

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