Cure Violence Ranks 14th on 2016 Top 500 Global NGO List; 1st Among Violence Prevention NGOs

By Ransford, Charles | August 10th, 2015

Cure Violence ranks 14th in NGO Advisor’s new 2016 report of the Top 500 NGOs in the world, one of the definitive international … 

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Baltimore's Safe Street Neighborhoods Remained Safe Despite City Violence

By Lunardi, Nicole | July 8th, 2015

When I asked State Senator Ferguson of the 46th district to paint a picture of the history of Cherry Hill he sighed and contemplated where … 

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Race, Equity and Violence

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 23rd, 2015

On Tuesday, June 2 nd , The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill hosted the 2015 National Health Equity Research Webcast. Frank … 

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'We Have a Responsibility to Save our Kids'

By sys admin | June 22nd, 2015

Meet Andre Thomas, a CeaseFire Illinois Hospital Responder health worker who grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of … 

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Part of the Cure: Lil Durk Update

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 18th, 2015

South Side Chicago rapper 'Lil Durk' released his new album, Remember My Name earlier this month. Lil Durk first was exposed to Cure … 

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Baltimore's Safe Streets Celebrate More than a Year Without a Murder

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 16th, 2015

On April 22, 2014, Najee Thomas was shot in the head in his home--This was over 400 days ago. Cure Violence partner, Safe Streets in … 

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Sneak Peak at New Cure Violence Documentary!

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 8th, 2015

Check out this video trailer for a new, inspiring Cure Violence documentary produced by Participant Media illustrating how Cure Violence … 

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Philadelphia CeaseFire: Transforming Lives on the Streets of Philly

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 4th, 2015

Cure Violence stops the spread of violence in communities by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting … 

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Meet Marcus McAllister: Cure Violence National Trainer & "FIP"

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 2nd, 2015

“Formerly Incarcerated Professional” (FIP) is a profession not often seen on a list of job titles. And yet, it’s a term former … 

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Trauma Centers Partner with Cure Violence Partners to Stop Retaliatory Violence

By Safarloo, Ariyana | June 1st, 2015

Cure Violence partners don’t just work to reduce violence on the streets in high risk communities; they also partner with Level I trauma … 

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