Summary of the findings on Cure Violence

Below is a listing of all findings related to the Cure Violence model.


Location Statistical Findings Reference and Data
Baltimore (USA)


– Up to 56% reduction in killings

– Up to 44% reduction in shootings

– Evidence of norm change

Webster et al. 2012

Police data and surveys

Baltimore (USA)


– 25% reduction in shootings across 5 sites (high of 43% reduction) Webster 2016

Police data

Baltimore (USA)


– Improvement in 43% of the attitudes on violence assessed Milam et al 2016


Chicago (USA)


– 41% to 73% reduction in killings

– 100% reduction in retaliations

Skogan et al. 2009

Police data

Chicago (USA)


– 38% reduction in killings

– 15% reduction in shootings

Henry et al. 2015

Police data

Chicago (USA)


– Treatment was half as likely to get reinjured as control Salzmann et al. 2014.

Hospital data

Chicago (USA)


– 48% reduction in shootings U. of Chicago unpub.

Police data

New Orleans (USA)


– 47% reduction in shooting rate – target pop.

– 85% reduction in retaliations/argument motive

– 44% reduction in shooting re-injury

City of New Orleans 2016 Progress Report

Police and hospital data

New York City (USA)


– 20% lower rates of shooting

– >100 mediations involving >1,000 people

Fritsche et al. 2013

Police data

New York City (USA)


– 18% reduction in killings v. 69% increase in control

– Reduction in norms accepting use of violence

Butts et al. 2015

Police and hospital data

San Pedro Sula (Honduras)


– 73% reduction in shootings and killings

– 88% reduction in shootings and killing

– 1 site – 17 months without any shootings

Ransford et al. 2016

Site reported data

County of Kent (UK)

[Prison program]


– 51% reduction in overall violence

– 95% reduction in group attacks

– 44% reduction in adjudications (discipline)

Ransford et al. in press

Prison data

Cape Town (South Africa)


– 23% lower homicides

– 33% lower attempted homicides

– 14% lower serious assaults

Ransford et al. in draft

Site reported data

Kansas City (USA)


– 17.9% reduction in firearm killings Thompson et al 2013

Police data

Sadr City (Iraq)


– Almost 1000 interruptions and over 14,000 people reached through outreach Site reported data
Halifax (Canada) – No killings since implementation

– Downward trend in shootings and violent crimes

Ungar et al 2016

Police data and interviews

Juarez (Mexico)


– 24.3% in killings first year, additional 13.1% in second year

– Reduction in perceived number of disputes and conflicts among clients

Observatorio Ciudadano 2016

Surveys and observatory data

Loiza (Puerto Rico)


– 50% reduction in homicides Site reported data
Philadelphia (USA) – Significant reductions in shootings Roman et al. unpub.

Police data

Port Au Prince (Trinidad) – 67% in woundings and attempted murders

– 33% in calls for persons armed with firearms

Maguire et al. unpub.

Police data

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