Materials on the Cure Violence Health Model

This website offers an overview of The Cure Violence approach. If you are interested in learning more about the Cure Violence model – the theory behind the model, how it is implemented, and the results of the program – we have assembled the follow list of resources.

Cure Violence Summary Documents

Cure Violence International Program

Cure Violence Model/US Program Summary

  • 10 Things You Really Need to Know About Violence









Independent Evaluations of Cure Violence Model

Chicago (2009) (DOJ/Northwestern)

Baltimore (2012) (CDC/Johns Hopkins)

Now York (2013) (DOJ/CCI)

Chicago (2014) (U of Chicago/UIC/McCormick)
















Important Publications on Violence as a Health Issue

Contagion of Violence

Violence Is a Contagious Disease

Reducing Violence as the Next Great Public Health Achievement

Addressing Violence as a Health Crisis with Health Methods

















Important Publications on Cure Violence

The Positive Effects of the Cure Violence Model for Families and Children

The Cure Violence Model: Violence Reduction in San Pedro Sula (Honduras)










Relevant Publications on Public Health

How Uganda Reversed Its HIV Epidemic









Cure Violence featured in Books

A Path Appears

Misfit Economy

Out of the Mountains

Beyond Suppression

Epidemiological Criminology

Strange Contagion
















Cure Violence Annual Reports & Brochure

2016 Cure Violence Annual Report

2015 Cure Violence Annual Report

2017 Cure Violence Brochure








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