Cure Violence Summary Documents

Cure Violence International Program

Cure Violence Model/US Program Summary

  • 10 Things You Really Need to Know About Violence

Hospital Response Summary








Health System Infographic









Independent Evaluations of Cure Violence Model

Chicago (2009) (DOJ/Northwestern)

Baltimore (2012) (CDC/Johns Hopkins)

Now York (2013) (DOJ/CCI)

Chicago (2014) (U of Chicago/UIC/McCormick)
















Important Publications on Violence as a Health Issue

Contagion of Violence

Violence Is a Contagious Disease

Reducing Violence as the Next Great Public Health Achievement

Addressing Violence as a Health Crisis with Health Methods

















Important Publications on Cure Violence

The Positive Effects of the Cure Violence Model for Families and Children

The Cure Violence Model: Violence Reduction in San Pedro Sula (Honduras)










Relevant Publications on Public Health

How Uganda Reversed Its HIV Epidemic









Cure Violence featured in Books

A Path Appears

Misfit Economy

Out of the Mountains

Beyond Suppression

Epidemiological Criminology

Strange Contagion
















Cure Violence Annual Reports & Brochure

2016 Cure Violence Annual Report

2015 Cure Violence Annual Report

2017 Cure Violence Brochure

2012 Cure Violence Brochure
















Articles in the Media

People Magazine 2017

New York Times 2013

Stanford Social Innovation Review 2014

CNN 2015

Time 2013

Washington Post 2013

Slate 2014

Wired 2013

New York Times Magazine 2008

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