Weekly News Roundup: Treating Violence as a Public Health Issue is the Most Effective Way to Fight It

Broader Approach Urged to Reduce Gun Violence (The New York Times): The most effective way to prevent gun violence without imposing on second amendment rights is to treat violence as a public health issue, according to a recent report by the American Psychological Association.

Public Health Contributions to Preventing Violence (Prevention Institute): Framing violence as a public health issue with CeaseFire Chicago has proven to be a successful model, with reduced shootings and killings by 41 to 73 percent, dropping retaliation murders by 100 percent, and promoting changed norms in communities. Similarly, Baltimore’s Safe Streets program has also reduced overall gun violence and non-fatal shootings by taking a public health approach to violence.

10 Surprising Ways to Fight Crime (The Urban Institute’s MetroTrends Blog): Ten policy ideas that show promise in reducing crime in the United States are outlined in this blog post including Cure Violence!

2013 Year in Review: 3 Top Posts That Define Cure Violence (Cure Violence): Cure Violence rounds up the most popular posts of the year on their blog. These posts underscore many of our values, including our collaboration with law enforcement to cut down on violence and the hard work our violence interrupters do to help reduce violence in the U.S. and beyond.

Our Opinion: Want Safer Streets? Anti-Crime Success Depends On Us All (The Times Leader): Governor Tom Corbett voices that good policing is only part of the solution to the high crime rate in Baltimore, and The Times Leader stresses that grassroots efforts such as Cure Violence must be utilized.

Baton Rouge DA Hillar Moore is BRAVE-ly Driven in the Fight Against Crime (The Times Picayune): Learn about how District Attorney Hillar Moore has utilized the theories of Gary Slutkin in treating violence as a public health issue in hopes to interrupt Baton Rouge gang violence.