Weekly News Roundup: The Ties Between Violence and Our Health

2013: The Year in Ideas (TED): One of the biggest ideas in TED talks this year was our founder Gary Slutkin’s discussion of violence as a contagious disease. Hear what he had to say in his groundbreaking talk.

Leveraging Hospitals to Stop the Cycle of Violence (Children’s Safety Network): Please join the Children’s Safety Network for a webinar focused on hospital-based violence intervention programs.. Learn about the work of the National Network on Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs, understand the evidence of the effectiveness of hospital-based intervention programs for stopping the cycle of violence and find out how to get involved.

UNITY Evaluation Reveals Shifting Paradigms Around Violence Prevention (Cure Violence Blog): Major findings from a UNITY (Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth) initiative were released this month, revealing that the program is helping to shift the paradigm on the issue of violence impacting youth by increasing awareness. Find out what else the evaluation revealed in our latest blog.

Pediatricians Take On Toxic Stress (Harvard University. Center for the Developing Child): Did you know that severe, chronic stress in children created by adverse situations such as exposure to violence, can become toxic to their developing brains and biological systems? This prolonged stress can lead to greater health and behavior problems — learn why the American Academy of Pediatrics has made early brain and child development a top strategic priority.

Anti-Violence Group Receives Federal Grant to Expand (KSHB41 Action News): Cure Violence partner, Safe Streets Baltimore received a $1.2 million grant from the Department of Justice to expand its reach in reducing violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Camden Weighs New Anti-Violence Program (The Inquirer): The city of Camden, New Jersey is exploring ways to implement a Cure Violence model to reduce youth and gang violence with a $1.4 million Department of Justice grant.