Weekly News Roundup: The Roots of Violent Behavior and Giving Thanks to Those Who Fight to Prevent It

Curbing Gang Violence in Chicago (Huffington Post Live): Hear why Alex Kotlowitz and Ameena Matthews of “The Interrupters” think the concept of “gang violence” is passe and learn what they really think is going on to cause violence on the streets of Chicago.

5 Reasons Young Black Men Resort to Violence (Atlanta Black Star): While the latest figures out of the FBI and other public health agencies shows crime among youth is decreasing, Dr. Amos Wilson says the reasons they resort to violence and crime in the first place are due to their relationship with a system that has excluded and oppressed them for centuries.

Idealist Gratitude: What Emily and Derek are Grateful for This Thanksgiving (IdealistBlog): Idealist staff member, Emily Hashimoto, explains why she’s thankful for violence interrupter, Ameena Matthews, in the spirit of Thanksgiving.