Weekly News Roundup: 2013: The Year a Public Health Approach to Violence Was Embraced

WATCH: “Violence the #1 Cause of Death in Many Cities for Our Young People” (Cure Violence Blog): In many cities, violence is the main killer of our young people. Find out how Cure Violence’s science-based approach is stopping the cycle of violence across the United States and abroad.

Chicago Homicides Down by 17% in 2013 (The Wall Street Journal): 2013 has seen the lowest number of homicides in Chicago since the 1960’s, with a 17 percent decline from the previous year.

New York City Murder Rate in 2013 Reaches Historic Low (Huffington Post): Violence was down in NYC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago in 2013.

The Impact of the Year 2013 on Violence Prevention Efforts Among Public Health Communities (Cure Violence Blog): With more medical organizations advocating for health sector involvement in violence prevention, 2013 has proven to be the year that the public health community started framing violence as a contagious disease.

Top 10 Public Health Media Bites of 2013 (BMSG Blog): 2013 was filled with complex ideas to improve health. Among the top ten was our founder, Gary Slutkin’s, idea that framing violence as a public health issue, rather than a criminal justice problem is the most effective way to prevent it. Read to find out more about how violence is like a contagious disease.

OUR OPINION: SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS You Remain Key to Lowering Crime (Times Leader): Cure Violence is listed as a resource for communities and individuals interested in making streets safer and lowering crime.

This is One of America’s Most Violent Cities — And It Deserves More Attention (PolicyMic): After The New York Times called Flint, Michigan, “murdertown USA” last year, PolicyMic reporter, Laura Dimon took a hard look at the social and economic conditions that have created this unhealthy environment.

Paterson Declares Violence as a Public Health Crisis (Paterson Times): After a month of deliberation, the Paterson, New Jersey city council declared violence a public health crisis in its city, last month. City council members hope that the declaration will allow the city to obtain grant funding from state and federal entities to address violence plaguing the city.

For Camden Officials, 2013 Drop in Crime and Homicides a Step in Right Direction (South Jersey Times): Camden, New Jersey Mayor Dana Redd makes note of why her city is exploring a partnership with Cure Violence for violence reduction across the community.