UNICEF: Ending Violence Against Children: 6 Strategies for Action

As part of its #EndViolence global campaign to fight violence against children, UNICEF and WithoutViolence recently published a new report Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action, detailing current tactics and initiatives proven successful in reducing violence against children. These strategies were published in tandem with UNICEF’s largest-ever compilation of current data detailing the gravity and extent of global violence against children. The staggering magnitude of the problem illuminated the consequences of failing to address violence targeting youths, make the strategies and solutions offered in Ending Violence all that more urgent. UNICEF’s #Endviolence campaign is dedicated to fostering global consensus that violence against children is unacceptable, and hopes to mobilize global political leaders, civilian donors and activists.  Over 70 countries have already joined #Endviolence, promising to isolate, report, and prevent violence of all types against children. The six strategies to prevent and respond to violence are

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The UNICEF report also includes several case studies of programs working effectively to reduce violence against children. Cure Violence is one of those organizations profiled in the report.

The report concludes with a series of recommendations to the global community to combat violence against children:

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Read the full UNICEF report and learn how to get involved in the #EndViolence initiative, Unicef: Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action.