Trauma Centers Partner with Cure Violence Partners to Stop Retaliatory Violence

Cure Violence partners don’t just work to reduce violence on the streets in high risk communities; they also partner with Level I trauma centers in major US cities to prevent retaliatory shootings and violence.
John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital in Cook County, Chicago is one such hospital that partners with CeaseFire Illinois. When a victim arrives in the emergency department, both they and their family and friends are traumatized from the act of violence that occurred. Many are already planning an act of retaliatory violence as revenge for the initial violent act.  Trauma personnel take a strong interest in patients who are exposed to and are victims of violence, including those who have been stabbed, jumped, or shot.  Each time a person is brought to a Level 1 trauma center in Chicago or New York City as a result of street violence, trauma center staff contact a Cure Violence partner, such as CeaseFire, and they deploy a hospital responder who meets the patient if conscious, family and friends at the hospital to start the mediation necessary to defeat the contagion of retaliatory violence.
With the help of Cure Violence responders and trauma staff, patients, families and friends are encouraged to “cool down” and evaluate the consequences of violent actions they are planning.  They are counseled to avoid letting their emotions and anger dictate their path.   Hundreds and hundreds of retaliatory acts of violence are avoided annually through the Cure Violence hospital intervention program.