The New York Times Profiles Cure Violence Partner, Man Up!: No Shootings or Killings for 363 Days, but the Fight is Far From Over

The New York Times profiled a national Cure Violence partner site, Man Up!, as they celebrated a year without shootings and killings.

In response, Cure Violence founder Gary Slutkin said:

“The Man Up! team is doing great work in implementing this public health model to an issue that has been fundamentally misdiagnosed as a social disease. Violence is not a social disease— it spreads like a disease—let’s use science to treat it like one.”

Man Up! targets an area with about 20,000 residents, three projects and three schools in East New York/Brooklyn and is funded by the Young Men’s Initiative, a cluster of city programs intended to help young and at-risk black and Latino men.

The Cure Violence partnership congratulates Man Up! on a truly phenomenal achievement.

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