The Nation Highlights the Cure Violence Approach

This month, The Nation reporter Jeff Deeney focuses on the perennial issue of violence in the American communities across the country. He writes: With summer’s arrival, people flow into the streets of America’s poorest urban neighborhoods. Temperatures rise and tempers get shorter. Old beefs between corner drug crews start to simmer again as warm weather brings more addicts to the neighborhood, sparking territorial disputes over the swelling black market. Violence can come to the city in many ways, but it comes, like clockwork, when the weather warms up.”

Looking closely at Cure Violence Health model replications in Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore, The Nation considers the challenges of doing this work, while underscoring that this innovative approach can’t wait.

As this article went live, a resolution passed by the US Conference of Mayors, may make it easier for communities to take on the approach. The resolution affirms national support for the Cure Violence Health Model (read more here).

Click on the video below to hear Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter discuss why he adopted the approach and what Cure Violence is doing for his city: