Lavon SOS Success Story

“I need to talk – I’m about to do something crazy.”

It was midnight when the call came in to Lavon, a staff member of the Brooklyn-based Cure Violence partner Save Our Streets Crown Heights. The young man on the other end of the line alleged that there had been threats made upon his life. He wanted to get them before they had a chance to act.

Lavon visited in person right after the call relaying a story of his past experience losing a friend and how difficult it had been not retaliating. They talked for hours into the morning, until it was clear there wasn’t going to be any action that night.

In the weeks that followed, Lavon made daily calls to the participant ensuring that the message had sunk in.

Lavon explains that this personal touch, letting the individual know that he cares about them, “That’s my secret to success.” If these participants are given the chance to recognize that things can be different, that someone cares about their wellbeing, then violence doesn’t have to be used to resolve conflict.