Michael “Lil Mikey” Davis

National and International Program specialist and Trainer

Michael “Lil Mikey” Davis was brought up on the south side of Chicago in the Auburn Gresham and Englewood communities, the oldest of 3 siblings. With his father incarcerated since he was only an infant serving a 20 year prison sentence and his mother going through issues with drugs, Mikey worked hard trying to be a big brother and a provider at such a young age. Mikey was introduced to the streets at a very young age, becoming active in street activity when he was 11 years of age. At 15 years of age Mikey was incarcerated for armed robbery and sentenced to a term of 6 years.

Upon reentering society at 18 years of age, Mikey made the decision that he wanted to be a better role model for his siblings and give back to the communities he taken from anyway he could. Mikey began volunteering with the organizations Safety Networks, Ceasefire, and Joakim Noah’s Noah’s Ark Foundation, while struggling to find a employment and struggling to not just give up.  Mikey stayed consistent and positive with the help of a great support system and a phenomenal mentor, continuing to push until something had come about. As times got better, Mikey decided to use his past as a guide in helping the youth of today see hope by being able to relate in age and everyday life which made a greater impact in his efforts.

Today Mikey works as a National and International Program specialist and Trainer for Cure Violence. Mikey now trains other credible messengers in cities around the world and is the youngest employed worker and of the Cure Violence organization campaigning to stop the shootings and killings and mediating conflicts

Before coming to Cure Violence, Mikey was a BAM Counselor for The Becoming A Man program which teaches young men rights of passage and core values such as integrity, accountability, positive anger expression and respect for womanhood. Mikey became a supervisor for BAM over 7 elementary and high schools in Chicago before making the transition to his current role with Cure Violence. Working with Joakim Noah after him reaching out to Cobe upon seeing The Interrupter’s documentary has been a dream come true for not only the youth of Chicago but for Mikey, witnessing the compassion and care from these two men about the importance of giving back to community and creating a source in helping better the youth — conducting peace tournaments throughout the city bringing guys from different groups and neighborhoods together. Mikey lives everyday of life believing and knowing “today is what you make it”. Great things have come his way as he sets out to help others that come from similar upbringings see that there is hope and anything is possible.