Jalon Arthur

Director of Innovation & Development

Jalon Arthur has dedicated 14 years of humble program service with Cure Violence, an evidence-informed health approach scientifically proven to reduce violence. During his tenure, Mr. Arthur has passionately served in several key program roles:

  • Director, Innovation & Development (January 2016- Present)
  • Illinois Program Director (November 2014 –December 2015)
  • Illinois Program Manager (May 2013 – October 2014)
  • Director, Technical Assistance (November 2012 – April 2013)
  • Technical Assistant (Aug 2009 – October 2012)
  • Documentation Coordinator (Aug 2006 – Jul 2009)
  • Outreach Worker/Violence Interrupter (May 2003 – Jul 2006)

Mr. Arthur has played an instrumental role in national and international replications of the Cure Violence model (South Africa, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Puerto Rico, etc.), and formerly led training and technical assistance efforts. As an individual who formerly engaged in violence, his commitment towards the preservation of life and transformation of highest risk youth is heartfelt, and he views his work as a “divine calling.” Mr. Arthur has played a lead role in assisting development of support services (mindfulness, trauma, counseling, etc.) for staff and high risk youth to further aid their growth and development as future leaders.

Mr. Arthur designed a rapid reduction Cure Violence model (independently evaluated by University of Chicago’s Center for Youth Violence Prevention) which led to significant drops in violence in the most violent district (007) in Chicago (2015). He has also assisted development of cutting-edge violence intervention strategies, and training techniques that incorporate social media, public education and other technology.

Currently, Mr. Arthur serves as Director of Innovation & Development, which explores innovative opportunities to adapt a health approach to address multiple forms of violence (prison violence, violence against women and children, youth violence, CVE, etc.), and to use technology to further enhance violence reductions in Cure Violence communities across the globe.