Sneak Peak at New Cure Violence Documentary!

Check out this video trailer for a new, inspiring Cure Violence documentary produced by Participant Media illustrating how Cure Violence and its partners throughout the US and globally are working to successfully decrease, prevent, and ultimately eradicate violence. With more than 60 sites around the world, implementation of this health model has resulted in between a 41-73% drop in shootings and killings within the Cure Violence program zones.The documentary (coming soon) features examples of intervention in hospital trauma centers, in Cure Violence program partner sites– Loiza, Puerto Rico; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Englewood in Chicago—and interviews with participants, staff, partners and violence interrupters. Cure Violence provides hope and change to communities and high risk individuals who up until learning about the health approach, viewed violence as the norm within their life and community.

Founded by Gary Slutkin, M.D., Professor of Epidemiology and International Health at the University of Illinois in Chicago School of Public Health, the Cure Violence method focuses on reducing violence globally by using disease control and behavior change methods. Workers in high risk communities, known as violence interrupters, educate the public about violence, respond to ongoing and potential conflicts and work to change community norms.

Learning to view and treat violence as an epidemic will allow law enforcement, the community and health and public policy experts to confront the contagion of violence through interruption, changing individual behavior by learning alternative mechanisms to cope with anger and social norms that include retaliatory violence and eventually result in new social norms within a community that reject violence completely.  .