Developmental effects of exposure to Intimate Partner Violence in early childhood: A review of the literature

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a prevalent social problem in the United States and women of childbearing age are the most likely victims. The young children born to these women are impacted, however, women are not routinely asked about IPV even when there is evidence that their child has been abused. To highlight the importance of routinely screening for IPV in child welfare and other social service agencies this article reviews typical social-emotional development and physiological/neurological development in early childhood and the impact that IPV and trauma have on these domains of development. Early intervention with young children and caregivers living with IPV provides a significant buffer to the negative effects that witnessing IPV have on children’s development and their relationships with caregivers.

Publication Date

August 2009

Publication Name

Children and Youth Services Review


Georgia L. Carpenter, Ann M. Stacks