November 2014 – Hollywood Movie Studio Partners with Cure Violence on Social Impact Movement

Looking for a great way to spend New Year’s Eve 2014? A new Hollywood film, “A Most Violent Year”, is scheduled for release on 12/31/2014 by Participant Media (who produced An Inconvenient Truth, Charlie Wilson’s War, Contagion, The Help, Good Night & Good Luck). Participant Media has partnered with Cure Violence to help expand the Cure Violence health approach violence prevention message. Check out the movie trailer just released! Cure Violence Founder & Executive Director Gary Slutkin, M.D. traveled to New York to film an interview with Director J.C. Chandor focused on the health approach to violence prevention. The interview will be shown immediately following the film in select movie theatres across the nation.

Cure Violence Cited by National Journal in Top 10 Citizen Engagement Innovation Programs
CureViolence is one of 10 programs cited by National Journal that promote citizen engagement in the most innovative ways across America. “The model depends on community buy-in for its success, a factor political scientists say is the most important component of any type of civic engagement. Cure Violence’s methods are designed to turn violent neighborhoods inside out by recruiting their own residents to make the initial turnaround efforts.”

Sun Times Analysis: 17-25 Year Olds Greatest Percentage of Chicago Homicide Victims
“Adolescents are programmed to be more concerned about what their friends think than they are concerned about what’s going to happen to them in the future. These circumstances are why people end up going to prison or dying when they weren’t thinking about prison or dying. They were unconsciously concerned about what their friends thought because that’s the way they’re wired.” Gary Slutkin, M.D. was interviewed by Sun Times reporter Kaley Fowler for this analysis.

Congratulations to Cure Violence partner, SOS Brooklyn, for 108 days Without a Shooting
In one of the best articles to describe the Cure Violence health approach, reporters Lauren Foster and Daniel Hunt provide important information about the New York City partner sites and the Cure Violence health approach to eradicating violence.

Cure Violence Partner Baltimore Safe Streets Program Gains National Media Attention
National Journal reporter, Fawn Johnson visited the Baltimore Safe Streets site and met several of its Violence Interrupters and Outreach Workers. In 2014 alone, Safe Streets has mediated 685 conflicts in Baltimore, with 624 of them deemed “likely” or “very likely” to have resulted in a shooting, were it not for the intervention of the Safe Streets staff. “The genius of Cure Violence lies in its targeted, almost clinical approach to reducing shootings, assaults and homicides….Violence spreads when people are infected. It stops when those exposed to it stop infecting others.”

Two New New York Partner Sites to Start Up in January, 2015
New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced $600,000 in grants to fund new Cure Violence partner sites in Hempstead (Nassau County) and Troy, New York. These communities join seven other Cure Violence partner sites to target and reduce gun violence through a health approach. Each community will receive $300,000 to implement the gun violence reduction programs through the Family & Children’s Association in Nassau County and the Trinity Alliance, currently operating the Albany site and will expand to Troy’s North Central neighborhood which has seen sharp spikes in violent crime. The Governor announced funding for a third site that will use a different violence prevention model.

New York City Mayor DeBlasio announced in August, 2014 a tripling of city funding for a comprehensive city response to violence prevention using the Cure Violence health approach. Cure Violence trainers are in New York City regularly to train and assist these new sites as they come on-line.

Spreading the Cure Violence Message

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It’s been an exceptionally busy month for the Cure Violence leadership team. One of the main foci of the Strategic Plan is to build a movement, nationally and internationally, around a health approach to violence prevention. We thought you may be interested in a few of the audiences where we’ve had the opportunity to spread the Cure Violence health message this month.
International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Meeting – Orlando, FL (Gary Slutkin, M.D. presented)
World’s Greatest Problem Solvers Meeting – Boulder, CO (Gary Slutkin, M.D. presented)
Association of Public Land Grand Universities Annual Meeting – Orlando, FL (Kathy Buettner presented)
Leeuwenhoek League Lecture – University of Illinois at Chicago (Gary Slutkin, M.D. presented)
Loyola Medical School – Maywood, IL (LeVon Stone presented)
Howard University Law School Symposium – Washington, DC (Karen Volker presented)
Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance Keynote – Chicago, IL (Charlie Ransford presented along with LeVon Stone, David Henry, Ph.D. and Shango Johnson)
Staff Training for Partner Site in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (Guadalupe Cruz, trainer)
Assessment and Training for Partner Site in Kingston, Jamaica (Brent Decker, Cobe Williams, trainers)
Staff Training for Partner Sites in New York City (Marcus McAllister, Cobe Williams, Tim White, trainers)
Staff Training for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Site Staff (Guadalupe Cruz, trainer)
Staff Training & Site Visit, Loiza, Puerto Rico (Frank Perez, Guadalupe Cruz, trainers)
Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care Annual Innovations Conference – Boston, MA (Charlie Ransford presented)