New Orleans Mayor Landrieu supports Cure Violence

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced the city’s Cure Violence-replication launching in Central City this week. Cure Violence’s national team is Big Easy bound to provide training to a newly hired staff consisting of 4 Outreach Workers and 4 Violence Interrupters. The program is expected to be expanded to the St. Roch area and, eventually, eastern New Orleans.

Other Mayors have taken note of Cure Violence as well (read more). Mayor Landrieu was joined by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (where Cure Violence is also being replicated) in supporting the model at the Cities United Initiative, where Dr. Gary Slutkin and Cobe Williams recently presented.

And, Chicago was recognized this week by Attorney General Eric Holder as one of six cities effectively addressing youth violence at the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention second annual conference. Mayor Rahm Emanuel also recently hosted a screening of the Interrupters featuring Cure Violence representatives in panel discussions with city officials on violence related issues (read more here).