Latin America looks to Cure Violence

Cure Violence appeared in the October 2012 issue of The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal to discuss our Latin American partnerships and provide an overview of the program.  As the article states, while homicide rates have declined in other parts of the world, Latin America has seen an increase, with predominately adolescent or young adult victims. This has led officials in Latin America to look at violence prevention and public health programs to address these recent outbreaks. Cure Violence has recently partnered in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Honduras, while continuing to explore opportunities in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Taller Salud (Health Workshop), who sponsors Acuerdo de Paz, a Member of Cure Violence in Loiza, PR was also interviewed.  From January to September 2012, they have had more than a 50-percent reduction in homicides!

Acuerdo de Paz, a Member of Cure Violence in Loiza, PR goes 100 days without a homicide!

The Global Journal, who named Cure Violence one of the Top 100 NGOs worldwide, wrote on the trend of conflict resolution organizations having to re-orient toward increases in interpersonal violence last month. You can read how Cure Violence is at the cutting edge of conflict resolution here.