Friday News Roundup: People Study, Organize and Collaborate to Cure the Violence Epidemic

World Health Summit In Berlin: “A Lot Of Talk But No Action” (Spiegel Online): Germany’s popular Spiegal newspaper covered the World Health Summit happening in Berlin, including highlights from our founder Gary Slutkin’s presentation. This one’s worth a read (if you don’t happen to speak German, Google Translator is your friend).

Sharpton To Rent Chicago Apartment To Focus On Gun Violence ( – Associated Press): Cure Violence welcomes the Rev. Al Sharpton to Chicago in our mutual fight against violence.

USA Today Highlights Cure Violence’s Work In Violence Prevention (Cure Violence blog): In case you missed it, check out USA Today’s special coverage of violence prevention that features Cure Violence!

Improving Social Conditions Is Probably The Best Way To Fight Crime: (–Health Examiner): In order to reduce the crime rate, one researcher insists we have to keep an eye on the socio-economic circumstances under which people live. He says, “Improving social conditions and integrating people socially can probably combat crime much more effectively than building new prisons.”

Curing Endemic Violence ( This powerful piece in a Pakistani newspaper looks at the similar underpinnings of violence in cities worldwide, and points to the success of Cure Violence, providing a nice overview of what we’re all about, and suggesting that Pakistan’s violence-torn cities use similar models to prevent violence.

A Deadly City ( Though much smaller than larger cities like New York and Chicago, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania’s murder rate is currently higher per capita than those cities. This article seeks to identify potential underlying factors, and presents our model as one example of those effectively seeking alternatives to violence.

Event: Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago: Celebrating Community Resistance ( Our own Ameena Matthews will speak at the upcoming Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago conference, whose mission is to promote sustainable community that fosters life-giving relationships, nurtures connections, and celebrates solutions for restoring and healing Earth’s communities.