Friday News Roundup: Our Megaphone Just Got Louder: The New York Times Reports On Cure Violence–and More!

Cure Violence Featured In The New York Times (Cure Violence Blog): We couldn’t be more excited to tell you that Cure Violence was featured in The New York Times this week! In a thought-provoking op-ed, “Unlearning Gun Violence,” columnist Joe Nocera explores the nuances of the Cure Violence model, particularly as the model plays out at our partner site in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Save our Streets (S.O.S.).

Study Finds Social Networks Are Key To City Violence ( A new study of gun violence in Chicago, led by Yale sociologist Andrew Papachristos, reveals that a person’s social network is a key indicator in predicting future victims of gun homicide. Gun violence is likened to a blood-borne pathogen.

Living in Disordered Neighborhoods Gets Under Skin (  Living in a violence-plagued neighborhood may cause such great stress that a person’s gene expression may be altered, according to new research from a team of Tulane University researchers.

Call For Action: The Health Care Sector Needs To Step Up To Fight Violence (Cure Violence Blog): Charlie Ransford, a senior researcher at Cure Violence, wrote this thoughtful guest post  calling on the health sector to step up to play a very important role in stopping violence.

Cure for Violence: A Community Approach to Reduce Crime in Trinidad ( A pilot program in Trinidad and Tobago is adopting the Cure Violence model to fight the nation’s violence and crime.

How Do We Measure the Impact of Documentaries? Data From the PUMA Impact Award Nominees (IndieWire) How do you measure the true impact of a social documentary like The Interrupters? This article attempts just that, using social media and other metrics.

Community Policing: A Look to the Future of Public Safety in NYC Event, John Jay College ( A conference held today at John Jay College of Criminal Justice featured speakers from Cure Violence partner sites Save Our Streets Crown Heights and Man Up! East Brooklyn.

Week of November 8, 2013: Cure Violence ( Thanks so much to Friday5 for making Cure Violence last Friday’s cause of the week! Take a moment to check out this great organization that advances philanthropy in the digital age.