Friday News Roundup: From Powerful Commentaries to Power Basketball Forwards, People Work to Cure Violence.

Violence is a public health crisis (The Tampa Tribune): The title of this commentary says it all. It’s time to treat violence as a public health issue.

Commentary: Reducing violence is a shared job ( We act after violence occurs, but we need to do more to prevent it from occurring at all. This commentary offers a great overview of how epidemiology factors into our model.

Gary Slutkin: Let’s Treat Violence Like a Contagious Disease ( The fine folks at TED uploaded Dr. Slutkin’s April 2013 TEDMED Talk onto the TED website this week. The talk has nearly 40,000 views and counting—have you seen it yet?

Slums of Opportunity (The Mark News): A former State Department strategist talks about the need to engage the disenfranchised. He mentions Cure Violence as one group doing just that. Check out this great commentary piece.

Lecture Honors Henrietta Lacks’ Legacy ( Congratulations to Cure Violence partner Safe Streets East, which won the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award and a check for $15,000!

The Interrupters Wins an Emmy! ( Thanks to our friends at Kartemquin for giving us a kind shout-out in their Emmy award thank you’s over at their website. We feel so famous!

Bulls’ Noah Maturing On and Off the Court (Comcast SportsNet Chicago): The Chicago Bulls star talks about the importance of contributing to anti-violence efforts, and how our very own Cobe Williams influenced him. Go Cobe and Go Bulls!