Dr Slutkin responds to allegations against Tio Hardiman

We are troubled to learn of the allegations concerning Mr. Hardiman, Director of CeaseFire Illinois, and take these allegations very seriously.  While we are still looking into the facts of this situation, Mr. Hardiman has been placed on administrative leave.  

We are deeply concerned about all acts – or potential acts of violence, but we are especially saddened when it might happen within our community or family.

We understand that violence is a disease, and the alleged incident is a reminder of how prevalent this problem is.  Family violence in particular is a very serious public health problem, not only for damage to families, but also because of potential effects on neighborhoods. That is why we at CeaseFire work so hard to stop violence before it starts, and to change attitudes in the communities.

As a matter of established policy, CeaseFire and the University of Illinois have zero tolerance for anyone with domestic-related charges, or crimes against women or children, currently or in their background. CeaseFire has developed strict policies to make sure that all employees remain in a good standing. 

Mr. Hardiman has been placed on administrative leave as we look into further appropriate actions.  

Gary Slutkin, MD
Founder and Director, Cure Violence