Dr. Slutkin in Time Magazine–Violence is Not Intractable

Time magazine recently featured Cure Violence founder and executive director, Dr. Gary Slutkin’s article, “How to Reduce Crime: Treat it Like An Infectious Disease.”

Time magazine recently featured an article by our founder, Dr. Gary Slutkin.

Time magazine recently featured an article by our founder, Dr. Gary Slutkin.

In the article, Dr. Slutkin explains why he sees violence as a public health issue and believes the key to stopping it is to treat it like any infectious disease, focusing on hot spots and interrupting transmission. His thinking is the foundation of the Cure Violence model which deploys trained violence interrupters–credible messengers who anticipate where shootings may occur–to disrupt potentially violent situations before they become deadly.

And, as Dr. Slutkin reminds us in his article, in Chicago–our keystone replication site–the Chicago Police Department reports noticeable reductions in shootings and killings in the 14 communities where more than 100 trained violence interrupters and outreach workers are preventing and mediating conflicts. We’ve had great success outside of Chicago as well–multiple evaluations of our model have proven it effective in other U.S. cities like Baltimore and New York City.

When we recognize violence as a contagion, we can treat it accordingly. We can prevent violence from becoming intractable.

> Read the full article in Time magazine: http://ideas.time.com/2013/05/30/how-to-reduce-crime-treat-it-like-an-infectious-disease/

> Read about our evaluations: http://cureviolence.org/effectiveness/