Do Your Peace to Cure Violence

It’s here! Help us spread the word today that violence is a contagious disease that can be successfully treated.

Did you know that every $100 that Cure Violence raises saves the community $1,577 in violence related costs?!

Help us raise $50,000 to stop shootings and killings in Chicago, across the nation and across the globe.

There are five ways you can help and Do Your Peace to Cure Violence:

1. Tell us – words, a photo, a video – how you Do Your Peace 2 Cure Violence? – share on Twitter @CureViolence or

2.  Spread the word – E-mail your friends about the campaign, re-tweet or re-post messages. Or Like our Facebook page! One of our Advisory Board members has offered to donate $1 for every NEW Facebook “like” we get – up to $5,000! Like us now if you haven’t already:


3.  Shop October 17 at one of Metro Chicago’s Whole Foods Markets – They’re donating 5% of the day’s net sales to Cure Violence – and at other merchants who are supporting the campaign.

4. Donate to Cure Violence or start your own fundraising campaign – Our goal is to raise $50,000!

5. Organize a Do Your Peace 2 Cure Violence event wherever you are – At your company, in your classroom or your community.