Cure Violence Partners with NonViolent Peaceforce On a New Syria Project

Cure Violence is partnering with Nonviolent Peaceforce to begin an EU-funded project in Syria focused on violence interruption and unarmed civilian protection. This exciting partnership is in line with our goal of creating strategic partnerships and comes after over two years of program exploration and development, training for local activists, and relationship building with Syrian civil society leaders and organizations. This new partnership follows and complements Cure Violence’s 2013 program that trained 132 Syrian activists in violence interruption and conflict mediation techniques.

This project provides the first opportunity for Cure Violence and NonViolent Peaceforce (NP) to work together to reduce violence and provide civilian protection. In this project, we will develop a blended curriculum that takes the best of our two organization’s methodologies and makes them available to key individuals and organizations from inside Syria. NP’s unarmed civilian protection methodology and Cure Violence’s health approach will be modified for implementation inside Syria.

Working in tandem with NonViolent Peaceforce, Cure Violence will offer intensive training in conflict mediation, norm change, civilian protection, and violence interruption techniques for more than 45 Syrian civil society leaders. These efforts will be followed by additional trainings (carried out by the 45) inside Syria, reaching up to 2000 additional organizations or individuals. In addition, the project partners will provide ongoing support to the local Syrian groups as they put this training into practice by developing and implementing violence interruption and civilian protection plans in their communities inside Syria.

Cure Violence and NonViolent Peaceforce believe that only by building a strong and active network of civil society organizations—each working across political, religious, and ethnic boundaries—can a foundation for a future pluralistic and peaceful Syria come to fruition.

While funding from the European Union will cover operational costs, Cure Violence will need continuing financial support to make a successful peacekeeping program for Syria possible. To help the Syria project get started on a solid foundation and to support the creation of a violence interruption network inside Syria, please make your donation to Cure Violence today.