Congrats Cure Violence Supporter Mayor Michael Nutter on $1.5 Million Award

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Cure Violence Supporter and ardent violence-prevention crusader, (see video below) received a major boost in youth violence efforts for the city from a $1.5 Million Grant from OJJDP.

Last month, September 19, the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention awarded the city of Philadelphia a Community-Based Violence Prevention award.  “Youth violence is not inevitable,” OJJDP Acting Administrator Melodee Hanes stated. “Among other activities, this funding will allow Philadelphia to expand its CeaseFire program and continue to change the culture of violence—by mobilizing communities, educating the public, and reaching out to youth—with the help of the city’s leadership and law enforcement personnel.”

Philadelphia is one of fifteen cities nationwide that is a member of Cure Violence and one of four cities that will receive a 2012 Community-Based Violence Prevention grant. Under the program, recipients replicate proven strategies that target the high-risk activities and behaviors of a small number of carefully selected members of the community who are likely to be involved in violent activities, specifically gang and gun violence.
Click on the video below to hear Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter discuss why he adopted the approach and what Cure Violence is doing for his city: