CeaseFire Workers Receive Domestic Violence Training


Last Thursday 23 CeaseFire staff members honed their conflict-resolution skills in a 3-hour training session on identifying and mediating domestic violence. Participants learned the vocabulary of domestic and intimate partner violence and discussed its application in real-life scenarios.

Black Sign_0The session was hosted by community partner Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) and brought together outreach staff and interrupters from 10 different CeaseFire sites in the Chicagoland area.

“The training took you on a journey to see the risk factors involved in individuals that perpetrate domestic violence,” said CeaseFire Englewood supervisor Shelley Williams.

Attendees were given a checklist of risk factors along with a danger assessment compiled by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, a national leader in the field of domestic violence and intimate partner violence (IPV) at Johns Hopkins.

Williams said that identifying these variables (among them drug abuse, gang associations, and depression) helped him understand IPV’s place within the larger culture of violence that CeaseFire works to mitigate.

Jessica Morris, a staff member at Roseland CeaseFire, also said that she found the instruction useful in connecting domestic violence with other forms of street violence. A real-life timeline spanning 8 months showed the escalation of domestic violence— a woman slapped by her ex-boyfriend – into a gang shoot-out and three deaths.

“The training was very helpful because we see a lot of domestic violence going on in our beat, but we didn’t see it as a part of our job. Now I know that it can turn into a shooting.”