Baltimore News Outlet Profiles a Day in the Life of a Cure Violence Outreach Worker

Last week, ABC2 News featured a story about Cure Violence partner, Safe Streets Baltimore, and their success reducing violence in four historically violent neighborhoods: McElderry Park, Elwood Park, Madison-Eastend and Cherry Hill. ABC2 News’ behind-the-scenes footage shows how the spread of violence can be minimized, or even stopped, using the Cure Violence model of treating violence as a disease. Reporter Brian Kuebler explains,

Each outreach worker has a caseload of up to 20 participants or high-risk youth they’ve identified as catalysts for violence in the area. The targets are counseled through mediations when necessary, home visits and a steady lesson in how to live off of the streets and outside their destructive norms.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has studied the effects of the Safe Streets program since it was replicated here in Baltimore in 2007.

The four small sites where Safe Streets has been operating have shown “consistent evidence” of results.

Watch the video below to see how Safe Streets is working to end violence, a major public health issue, in Baltimore: