2013 Year in Review: 3 Top Posts That Define Cure Violence

As 2013 comes to a close this month, we thought we’d spend some time reflecting back on some of our most popular content this year. The popularity of these posts really underscores many things we value and want to share with the world including:

  • the continued inclusion of our replication sites in community-based efforts and events to prevent and end violence
  • collaboration with law enforcement and other sectors to cut down on violence and grow healthier communities
  • honoring the hard work our violence interrupters do on a daily basis to help reduce violence in the U.S. and beyond

In no particular order, here are three of our top posts of the year:

  1. CeaseFire Week 2013 Starts Strong in Chicago: In early June, the men and women of CeaseFire Illinois joined community partner Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) for a series of events to promote peace in Chicago communities including the 18th annual Walk for Peace and a summer anti-violence kick-off campaign. 
  2. Public Health Approaches to Violent Crime Can Complement Law Enforcement: Staff discussed why we believe that when law enforcement and public health communities work together to reduce violence, we are a strong force that can affect real change in this country. Collaborations between these two sectors can help grow healthier communities where our friends, family, and co-workers live, learn, work and play.
  3. Al Jazeera Video Report Features Violence Interrupters at Work in Chicago: Global news giant Al Jazeera, posted a video report on Cure Violence’s flagship partner site, CeaseFire Illinois, this summer featuring footage of violence interrupters at work in the community. The tense situation reporter John Hendren caught on camera, depicts firsthand, how interrupting the transmission of violence can cut down on lives lost to both prison and violence.