International Partners

Eight Countries – Five Continents
Cities around the world have turned to the Cure Violence Health Model to prevent violence – from sectarian violence in Iraq, to community violence in Honduras, to prison violence in England.

Latin America

3 sites – 3 countries

Worker In Loiza, Puerto Rico

Worker In Loiza, Puerto Rico

Over the past few years there has been an enormous interest in the adapting and implementing the Cure Violence model in Latin America and the Caribbean. Cure Violence has participated in a number of site visits, conferences, and learning exchanges across the region and has implemented an adapted version of the model in Loiza, Puerto Rico, San Pedro Sula, Honduras with a new site in Juarez, Mexico that opened in December, 2014. Cure Violence is currently in the planning stages of implementation in Barranquilla, Colombia; Recife, Brazil; and Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Cure Violence is currently exploring programming in Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other cities in Colombia.

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Middle East/North Africa

6 sites – 2 countries

Worker in Iraq

Worker in Iraq

While the characteristics of violence in the Middle East differ, the root causes remain the same – it is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. Cure Violence has adapted it model to treat violence in the Middle East using credible messengers who interrupt violence, but adapting the model to work in a different environment. Cure Violence recently concluded programs in both Iraq and Syria and is actively pursuing possible new programming in Syria, the West Bank, and Israel.

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Other International Regions

4 sites – 3 countries

Cure Violence in South Africa

Cure Violence in South Africa

While Cure Violence concentrates its efforts in implementing the model in the Middle East and Latin America, we have also helped to implement the model in a few other areas of the world that have demonstrated a strong interest in the program along with a significant problem with violence – in South Africa, England, and Canada.

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