The Difference Your Contribution Makes

We cannot afford to let our youth die needlessly, to let the epidemic of violence continue – when we have the means to stop it.

Cure Violence’s health approach has been proven by three independent evaluations to reduce urban street violence. It works. It’s working. With your generous support in any amount, we can spread this approach beyond the 22 cities, beyond the 11 states, beyond the 8 countries where we’re already working.

Your gift has the power to stop a bullet, to save a life, to transform a community:

  • $35 puts a Violence Interrupter on the streets for an hour – and could save a life
  • $125 provides funding to hold a community workshop, which engages 10 high-risk youth in addressing neighborhood conflicts non-violently
  • $250 puts an Outreach Worker in a neighborhood for a day – and improves a life
  • $400 provides funding to hold a weekend community event in a neighborhood hot-spot to promote peace
  • $750 funds training for a whole new team of Violence Interrupters and Outreach Workers – and changes many lives

We’ll use your tax-deductible gift, along with that of others, where it will do the most good. Be part of the solution.

Find out how you can join the Leeuwenhoek League, Cure Violence’s leadership giving circle. Download a copy of the Cure Violence Annual Report 2014.

Save 100 Campaign

Join Cure Violence in this exciting new initiative to stop shootings and killings. We launched the Save100 campaign in response to the increase in violence in neighborhoods across our country. Your Save100 donation will help save lives by enabling Cure Violence to implement its proven health approach to interrupting and preventing the spread of violence in more neighborhoods.

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