Help Cure Violence meet the challenge! A Chicago-area foundation has agreed to match every dollar – up to $100,000 – that Cure Violence raises in 2014 from new donors to support its work in Chicago!

Here’s how to participate in Chicago’s Cure Violence Challenge: Click on the orange “Donate Today” arrow to the right. Make your donation. Then, at the bottom of the donation form, find the question “Do you have other instructions for processing your gift?” Click “yes,” and in the box that opens up, tell us you want your gift to support Chicago. If you’re a new donor, we get the match! And you get our thanks and the deep satisfaction of knowing your gift will help reduce violence in Chicago!

The Difference Your Contribution Makes

What does it cost to stop a bullet – and save a life? It may be as little as $25, which puts a Violence Interrupter on the street for an hour. That’s enough time to intercept a whisper, to calm a potential shooter, to mediate what otherwise might be a lethal conflict. Last year, in Chicago, Violence Interrupters mediated more than 900 of those conflicts. Give $25.

What does it cost to stop more bullets – to keep an entire neighborhood safe? It may be as much as $500,000, which opens a fully-staffed Cure Violence office in a violence-plagued neighborhood, and keeps it open for a full-year. The Crown Heights (East Brooklyn, New York City) neighborhood, which boasts a Cure Violence replication site, went more than 363 days without a shooting this past year. Give $500,000.

Two hundred dollars to cover a full day of a Violence Interrupter, $1,000 to cover a week, $50,000 to cover a year. Whatever size gift you give, it makes a vital difference. Give a gift of any amount.

We cannot afford to let children die needlessly, to let the epidemic of violence continue – when we have the means to stop it. Cure Violence’s health approach has been proven by three independent evaluations to reduce urban street violence. It works. It’s working. With your support, we can spread this approach beyond the 20 cities, beyond the 7 states, beyond the 8 countries where we’re already working.

Give today. Stop a bullet. Save a life. Transform a neighborhood.

Learn more about how Cure Violence works in the community:

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